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Jahangir Book Depot was established in 1923 when darkness of ignorance was dominating the sub-continent, a candle of pure ethical and moral publication started spreading the rays of unprecedented knowledge. Mohammad Jahangir (Late) was one of the ancestors who left no stone unturned in putting forth all his vital efforts to extract a renowned organization in the relevant field through pure dedication, devotion, commitment to excellence to establish a small shop in Naulakaha Bazaar, Lahore (Pakistan) on solid and practical foundation which is recognized all over the state to the present challenging era. Right from the native eve, he has set a possible destination for the ship of publishing services to sail towards the harbor of knowledge and learning. He continued voyage through the dead sea of typical and extinct learning measures bravely and breathed his last in 1983 leaving an explicit status of learning material which was expeditiously managed by his successor son, Niaz Mohammad. He, too, took exemplary steps in steering the tossing ship to the safe harbor of prosperity, dignity and self-assertion.


Niaz Mohammad resolved to serve the fellow human beings with even a matchless zeal-n-zest and professional fervor in 1965, his novel business approach, which was rooted in the F.C. College, Lahore, opened new horizons of progress and fame for JBD but the angel of eternal destiny invited him to the peace valley when he was only 43. But obviously, he did a great deal in proving all his capabilities as a dedicated publisher and translated all the dreams of his late father into living truths. Now, JBD is recognized around the globe as a warrior of endeavoring to vanish the darkness of ignorance on the International status.


The passion of commitment was inherited by the ancestors to the present management to keep an eye over standard and devotion towards the professional approach to make JBD an International Organization. The present management, now in more than one hand, has evinced the solidarity and integrity of the organization to a firm foundation that is proudly making a progress by leaps and bounds in publishing, selling and reprinting books about all spheres of learning to expedite the needs of the new generation.

The pragmatic approach of the present management and the knack of pure deliberation made the fame and quality of JBD’s publishing services a visible reality. To date, there are more than 2000 published books on all sorts of subjects, on the credit of JBD.


The pillars of JBD who are supporting nation to win the pen-expedition are:  


After the sudden and mournful demise of Niaz Mohammad. Mr. Nabeel Niaz was the only one to carry on the voyage over the conditional waves in 1987, concerning all the aspects of the organization. He proved to be the back-bone of the organization, and even to the present day, his authority produces indubitable decisions. He manages the head office of JBD which includes all kinds of financial matters and future plannings. His devotion, determination and consistency are obviously above board.



As a dedicated asset to his elder brother (Mr. Nabeel Niaz), Mr. Fawaz Niaz has also shared the responsibility of raising the standard of organization and fostered the professional approach in establishing an ever-lasting and peculiar fragrance of fame and popularity of JBD among the readers of all classes. He is enriched with a pure and unchallenged sense of duty and responsibility to perform even the toughest chores in an easy manner. He deals in the sales department and conducts very successful dialogs of collaboration to the International Publication Houses and is always a triumphant and attaining his aims.


Mr. Adeel Niaz is the youngest son of Niaz Mohammad (Late) and a natal asset in the firm yet he is even determined to the causes and tasks and has been an apt personality in the spheres of Arts, Designing, Composing, Scrutinizing the manuscripts, Invigilating the copy pasting and so many parallel jobs since 1995. His amiable conduct and lively negotiating style have made him the apple of all eyes. He proves to be a ‘PRO’ more than an owner’s kin with his team. 


Mr. Jawad Akmal Butt is the son-in-law of Niaz Mohammad (Late) deals in 'The Collections'. The Collections deals in wish-cards and children books of all kinds. He also looks after the designing department of the firm, he always wins ovations by his devotion and professional attachment with the bussiness. 

All of them have been striving to capture the everlasting repute
(fame) after the sudden demise of Niaz Mohammad. 

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